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Computer Majic: Networking, Security, Hardware, Webmaster, Programming, Remote Access, WifFi, Skype. MajicJack, Voip, DVD Burns, Multimedia, Windows


Computers are for doing: Work, Research, Study, Records, Communications, Sales, Entertainment, or even the hobby of computing; and are expected to make those jobs easier.

As an Advisor and online Technician, I can help you get your hardware running smoother, your networks properly and securely aligned, and get your software to do what you want it to do. I’ll work with you for as long as it takes to handle each situation. My experience can save you time.

Some of the Areas Covered:
File Management: Networks, BackUps, Security, Remote Access, Routers, Firewalls, Voip Services.
Multimedia: Editing, Imaging, Burning, Digital Photography, DivX.
Software: Finance, MS Office, Digital Photography, Programming.

NOTE: If you don’t have a Bitwine account and you need help setting it up, you can go to: and get links to the setups, and then call or chat me through Skype: Clearline_org; if you need any further setup help.

Do not call me to chat!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

University of Trial & Error Post Grad Thesis: “Overcoming Murphy’s Law”

other Studies: Organizational Structure and Flowlines Finances, Accounting & Bookkeeping Training others on Learning Techniques Personnel Management Purchasing and Asset Deployment Surveying and Promotional Tech Crisis and Drug Counseling + hundreds of hours testing hardware and software.

End Result: “Administrative Engineer” that can manipulate hardware (PCs) to accomplish goals, projects and plans


I have been working with computers since 1985; programming since 1987; Training others and building systems since 1988.

Over time, I have worked with most software systems as well as hardware configurations for business and personal use.

Let my past experiences, save you time and money now.

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