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I am experienced in cleanup and speedup of your computer. I can help you setup your home network and troubleshoot problems that you may be having. I also do tutoring of many programs and situations. Please just give me a call and we can discuss any problems or advise you may need. The first five minutes are free.

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B.S. in Information Science and Technology A+ Certified Network+ Certified Multiple Dell Certifications


I work as an on-site technician during my off hours. I have many years of experience work on systems as old as Windows 3.1 and all the way up to Windows 7. My previous full time job was working as an on-site technician for a global technology company. I worked with home users, small and medium businesses. Unfortunately the economy closed our doors. I now work for a large organization in IT, but I would prefer not to name it. I am not knowledgeable about Macs, sorry.

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