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Ever wish you had a tech savvy person at your disposal to answer those nagging questions?

What sort of computer should I get? Why is my computer slowing down? Which is better: [gadget A] or [gadget B]? What the heck is a Megapixel and just how many of them do I actually need?

If you need somebody in the know, and who can translate techno-babble into English for you, then I’m your man. I have ten years in the technology industry from multimedia (DVD, Video, Audio, Websites and Virtual Reality) as well as a knack for tech support. I’ve consulted for major companies, and even worked in marketing. I keep up on the technologies, as well as the fastest and simplest way to fix it when it invariably goes up in a tiny mushroom cloud.

So grab a cup of coffee, and take a deep breath. If I’m clueless on your problem, I simply don’t charge.

I’m a G33K of All Trades, so you may be pleasantly surprised at what I know.

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  • Former CTO of VR5 Online
  • Project Manager of Andromeda3D.com
  • Contributor to the Metaverse Roadmap
  • Cited in various technology publications
  • Multimedia specialist for 11 years
  • Tech Support / Troubleshooting 8 years
  • Windows/Mac/Linux
  • All around geek and technology guru
  • Virtual Worlds Specialist
  • VP Operations for Pulse Point Marketing
  • Consultant for various entities from personal to corporate.
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