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What are some ways that you can use free services like Twitter, MySpace and Meetups to expand your list of clients, increase the knowledge of your business and enhance the customer relationships between you and your clients?

Contact Marcus Pittman a marketing brainstormer in Hampton Roads, VA and pioneer of creative uses of social media. He has worked at a TV Station and consulted several new businesses helping them get off the Ground. He has created marketing campaigns for realtors as well as small businesses. He has also organized several large multi-church events and has tons of experiences working with all sorts of non-profit ministries.

The best part? All of these were done on very limited budgets harnessing the incredible power and budget saving potential of the Internet.

I can show you how to use FaceBook and Twitter as your primary source of lead generation for your sales team and more!

So what are you doing reading this description and bio? Your wasting your time, call me instead.

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