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Bonnie Huval

Business and IT Consulting


For clients that use computers to make money instead of count it, I help them make more. This can be increasing yield or reducing time to ship for factories, reducing downtime for telecoms, improving technician despatch efficiency… often a matter of better business procedures as well as IT.

For small businesses, I am an author, speaker, workshop presenter and advisor about how to get paid in full and on time without needing to resort to collection agencies. I also advise about other business basics, such as plucking the single idea with major profit potential out of a mishmash of website ideas.

I can also hook up USA technology firms that want to expand into Europe with a venture that makes it smooth and minimises startup funding needs.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Bachelors – Rice University – Electrical Engineering


Bonnie Huval has consulting firms in the UK (Havenshire Limited) and USA (Seneschal Incorporated). In the USA, she also owns half of Greyhaven Realty Management Co., which doubled its revenues and units under management from 2007 to 2008 in the face of economic downturn. Greyhaven is still growing and hiring new staff. She has USA commercial rental property and is the largest investing owner in Lilly’s Dim Sum Then Some restaurant.

Her consulting firms primarily offer business and IT consulting and services to companies that use computer systems to generate revenue or cut costs, instead of only counting money. Clients include from GlaxoSmithKline in pharmaceuticals, Du Pont and a number of its spinoffs in manufacturing, and MCI/WorldCom in telecommunications.

Bonnie is well known in the USA IT community for having people at work in WorldCom when the telecom giant’s financial problems were not yet widely known. While other vendors waited several months for their payments, her firm was paid on time. She publishes and speaks on this subject, and is ‘a consultant to consultants’ about how to get customers to pay on time.

Her engineering experience includes nine years at the Johnson Space Center, mainly for engineering testing and analysis of Space Shuttle communication systems, and a brief foray in the oilfield.

In the 1980s, she was a leader in the board of directors that pulled a USA national non-profit organisation back from the financial brink. Her reports to regional leadership explaining the finances and the board’s fiscal actions were especially well regarded, and were widely copied by other board members for their regional leaders. She coached her region’s push for influence in the Democratic Party during national election campaigns, spoke at local and state events throughout the region, was a guest on radio and television talk shows, routinely met local television news crews for taping on a few minutes’ notice, and had a brief on-stage role in front of CNN and CSPAN at the most prominently covered national conference the organisation had ever held.

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